6/19/21 UPDATE: Our official deadline has now passed, but...we are still accepting donations! This CauseVox fundraising site will remain open and active through 6/28. That means you still have time to donate and help us reach our $25k goal! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, we are now so, so close to meeting our fundraising goal. Let's see if we can get all the way there (or even passed it!) by 6/28. Please give as generously as you can to help us get over the finish line!


Donate today to support youth from frontline communities across the Bay Area as they rise up as leaders for a climate just future!

New Voices Are Rising is excited to announce the EXPANSION of our 2021 Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy! This year’s Summer Academy has been a major dream of New Voices supporters, students, and program staff for years. In addition to 12 high school students of color who are joining us from Oakland, we are welcoming 12 students from frontline communities across the Bay Area. And, 6 Academy alums are coming back as youth POD (Peer on Duty) Leaders to mentor our first-year students. In total, 30 youth will participate in the 2021 Summer Academy -- our largest cohort yet!

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New Voices students experience disproportional burdens from environmental and social injustices in their communities every single day. Students in Contra Costa and Solano Counties live in low-income fenceline communities adjacent to several oil refineries that emit toxic fumes and are prone to dangerous spills and accidents. And across the East Bay, students in Oakland live in the middle of overlapping freeways, diesel truck routes, and the daily congestion of shipping containers and trucks traveling to and from the Port of Oakland. These neighborhoods and sources of pollution are different, but the environmental and health impacts are the same: students and their families and neighbors are burdened with polluted air, and many residents suffer from asthma and other chronic health conditions. Additional burdens tie our Academy students together, including polluted water and soil from nearby industries; inequitable housing practices; restricted access to fresh, affordable produce; and a legacy of racist city planning practices.

Our students are ready to change this reality. In the 2021 Summer Academy, they will learn how to advocate for their communities and fight for their rights to clean air, water, and land; fresh, affordable produce; safe and equitable housing; and more. And they will grow their collective power for environmental and climate justice!

What will our 30 youth be doing in the six-week intensive Academy?

This summer, our students will CONNECT with one another and understand that they face similar environmental and social challenges to their own. They will LEARN about the intersections of environmental, climate, health, economic, social and racial justice issues through virtual field trips, workshops, home experiments, and guest speakers. The program will provide space for our students to ACT for environmental justice by speaking at virtual town hall meetings, educating their families and peers about local environmental issues, and mobilizing others to take action. Using their knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences from the program, our students will LEAD the movement for a climate just future!

New Voices relies on financial support from the community to make the Summer Academy program a success. That means we need YOUR support to make this all happen!

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